MadaTech Overview

Established in 1983, MadaTech - The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space, is Israel's premier institution of informal science education. The Museum is housed in two historic landmark buildings in Haifa - an interactive Exhibition Building and an Institute for Education in Science & Technology Building - originally home to the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

MadaTech offers over 600 mostly interactive exhibits, illustrating the evolution of science and demonstrating principles underlying technological advancements that permeate every facet of modern life. Every year, about 450,000 visitors, of all ages, backgrounds and geographic locations, take part in its activities. Of these, half are K to 12 students, who participate in hands-on demonstrations and laboratory experiments at the MadaTech Institute for Education in Science & Technology. The Institute also sponsors the OlympiYeda - Annual Science Competition and Mobile Science Laboratories that travel to schools and community centers countrywide.

MadaTech seeks to:

  • Preserve, perpetuate, popularize and promote, the rich cultural heritage of science, enhancing science literacy among Israelis of all ages;
  • Foster a love of science among Israeli children and youth, of all backgrounds and geographic locations;
  • Cultivate excellence among them and motivate them to pursue higher education and careers in the sciences;
  • Narrow gaps in access to science and technology, among diverse Israeli populations-boys and girls; youngsters from the center and the periphery; Israeli-born and new immigrants; secular/traditional and orthodox.

MadaTech in Numbers

  • Established in 1984
  • Annual Visitor Number: Total - 450,000; Children/Youth - 200,000; Classes - 1,500
  • Landmark Buildings: two, three-story building spanning 10,495 square meters (112,821 square feet)
  • Exhibition Halls: 15
  • Permanent Collection: 600 interactive exhibits
  • Exhibition Space: Indoor - 4,515 square meters (48,536 square feet); Outdoor - 1,021 square meters (10,976 square feet)
  • Education Building: 7 Centers of Excellence; 13 state-of-the-art Laboratories
  • Israel National Archives of Historic Scientific Instruments
  • Workshop - 750 square meters (8,062 square feet)
  • Mobile Science Labs: three Labs travel countrywide
  • Staff: 69

MadaTech Leadership

MadaTech is led by a 16-person Board, chaired by Leon Recanati, one of Israel's leading business persons; and is directed by Eli Shermeister. MadaTech activities are under the auspices of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.  An Academic Steering Committee, comprising leading experts from diverse scientific fields, oversees all educational programs and exhibitions. 

MadaTech-Technion Connection

MadaTech offers the Technion a community outreach arm and informal science education, in its broadest sense. The interest in science, of close to a quarter of a million Israeli children and youth - out of 450,000 annual visitors to MadaTech - is evoked and developed, in the very building where the Technion came into being some 86 years ago. Museum programs ignite curiosity and draw youngsters into the world of science and technology, so that they will end up at the Technion and later down the road, contribute to the development of Israel's economy.

Although a separate legal entity, the Museum operates under the auspices of the Technion and serves as that institution's platform for community outreach.  Technion faculty is well represented on the Museum Board, its diverse Academic Steering Committees, and as lecturers. Technion students serve as MadaTech guides and instructors.


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