Smile! It's Science

Fact: There are more bacteria in a human mouth than the number of people in the world.

Healthy white teeth bring out your smile! The Teeth Exhibition here at MadaTech enables children and adults to learn about the impact and importance of oral health for a healthy smile.


Your teeth are in your hands
Enter into the amazing world of teeth and dental care, through exploring fascinating hands-on learning modules. Discover the shape and composition of the mouth and teeth. Practice how to take care and maintain a healthy mouth, by brushing properly on an oversized mouth with a giant brush.


Keep your mouth open
Take a journey through time, into a life-sized model of an historic dental clinic. MadaTech celebrates the heritage of dentistry, and houses a collection of dental instruments used by actual dentists in the past, for your pleasure…


Take care
A wide variety of snack drinks and food are acidic and can harm our teeth. Observe the acidity of various drinks and learn about their PH and how acidity's affect our oral health.


Show your teeth
Take a seat on our elegant tooth-shaped chairs, and feel comfortable, they won't bite! Enter a virtual voyage into a wide open mouth, which will brief you, through a comprehensive animated video, about every bite that you take. The video was produced by MadaTech's Graphic Animation Studio.


Piece of Cake
Start your food adventure by exploring healthy eating with smart and tasty food choices from the food pyramid.


You are all smiles
Say cheese! You are now officially trained and certified by MadaTech's faculty of the fine arts of smiling!