Magical Science

Fact: the first magic book was published in 1854: “The Discovey of Witchcraft” by Reginald Scot.


Magicians stated to understand the complexity of optical delusions a long time ago. They have been using that knowledge in order to create experiences that seemingly contradict the laws of nature. The Magical Science exhibition presents a line of entertaining magic tricks in order to show the complexity behind the illusions. Operating the different exhibits will demonstrate the science in magic or maybe the magic in science.
Illusions and magic remind us that the world is full of wonders while our perceptual processes are limited and vulnerable to delusions. Optics, mathematics, basic mechanics, electricity and magnetism are the foundation for developing many different magic tricks.

The main experiences in the Magical Science exhibition include: creating illusions and effects using light, mirrors, electricity and magnetism. You are invited to enter the world of illusions, hover above the ground and witness your head placed on a tray. You will learn how to perform simple magic tricks.