Harry Pommert's View of Science

A remarkable collection of scientific antique instruments

Fact: To this day, the identity of the first telescope builder remains a mystery.


It all started in a small London antique shop on October 1969, when the young Swedish Student first laid his eyes on a 100 years old microscope, which cost him a week's lunch. 44 years later, he is still fascinated by his unique collection of scientific instruments, adding up to about 470 valuable items of all different kinds and uses, amongst them 112 microscopes, 100 Telescopes, various telegraphs, watches, binoculars and many other navigation, medical and meteorological instruments, all on display at MadaTech's exhibition, Harry Pommert's View of Science.


The collection, takes visitors down history lane to the 17th century, and is divided into several different categories of instruments, all used in different areas, most of them come from Great Britain, France, Germany and Sweden.


Take a look at a rare copy of the Anton van Leeuwenhoek's first single lens microscope, one of only 17 remaining ones in the whole world, watch one of the earliest telescopes used to explore distant galaxies, observe the fine mechanics and watch making tools or discover how sextants, octants, compasses and other instruments have made it possible to navigate.

"It is because of optics, that many of these items here found a use." says Pommert "The Chinese found that by taking glass, shaping it and polishing it, it took on special properties. The lenses became magnifying instruments and by putting different kinds of lenses in front of each other, you could get a keyhole into the micro-cosmos which I call, the Microscopes and the macro-cosmos, space", Pommert adds that the Dollond Brothers, who invented the triple achromatic lens system helped the world make a big leap forward and produce a better, sharper image.

Harry Pommert's View of Science is one of a kind exhibition, where historical scientific instruments meet groundbreaking technologies and merge into exceptional interactive exhibits. It offers visitors of all ages unforgettable hands on experience, drawing them into the fabulous world of science and technology and demonstrating how outstanding past discoveries still make their mark on humanity.


"I think that the wheel has come to a full rotation" adds Pommert, " because this place was the first place I ever came to in 1963 when I came to Israel, and therefore I think that MadaTech is an excellent institution in the old Technion building with history pouring from its walls, is the proper place for our collection".