Visual Deception

Detect. Capture. Discover. Expose. Reveal. Uncover. Notice. Observe. Watch. See.


An Eye-Opener

The ability to see makes it possible for us to experience the world. We rely on our vision. We trust our sense of sight. We believe the images we see around us are real. Is it really so? Appearances can be deceiving…


It’s in Your Eyes

The image created by our optical system is real and inverted. Apparently, sight is subjective and our vision depends on how our brain interprets the reactions of our eyes to light. Thus, how we experience the world, depends on our individual visual perception.


More than Meets the Eye

The exhibition illustrates the fundamental power of vision. Its hall is painted unevenly to create a sense of an inclined floor. It examines how optical illusions of size, shape and color are created and how, by looking from a slightly different angle, reality can become fiction and vision can become an illusion. It is an enigma, how reality is changing before your eyes, and the unexpected is revealed before you, as your mind is provoking your sight. The different exhibits on display demonstrate the mysteries of visual phenomena as well as the science behind it.


Keep Your Eyes Open

Watch how when static images are seen in suitable succession, the experience of motion is compelling. Try to determine at first sight, in juxtaposing images, which is larger, Learn about Benham’s rotating discs, learn about Pulfritz’s Pendulum and Moiré’s patterns. Explore the wonders of anamorphosis, camera obscura, dioramas, magic lanterns, panoramas, perspective peepshows and printed visual tricks. It’s all in the glimpse of an eye…