Dark Room

Fact: the origin of the word “Hologram” is from the Greek language and means “The whole picture”, and accordingly - no matter from where angle we will look, we will always see a 3D image in a hologram.

Light and Optics phenomena
Frequently, when we see the colorful world around us, we take the information that is passed to us for granted. Using the interesting features of light allows producing a photograph with a camera, raise the temperature of our bathroom using infrared radiation and more.
The first person to separate light to its components was Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727). He passed white light through a prism and saw colors come out the other side. Newton believed that the light is composed of particles that create the different colors. Around the same period of time Christian Huygens repeated the experiment but he believed that the light’s characteristics originate from the light having characteristics of a wave.
Ever since we have been improving the ability to analyze light, however, it is interesting to note that to this day there are certain light characteristics which we explain on the basis of light being a combination of photons and other characteristics that we explain on the basis of the lights wave behavior.
Light separation, assembling, breaking and reflecting are called optics and are a part from our everyday life.
The human eye works by optic principles, the rainbow is an optical phenomenon, the sun appearing red during sunset - also caused due to the light’s optical characteristics.
The Dark Room allows us to concentrate on each characteristic at a time and get to know light better than ever.