The exhibition was formed just before two years passed since the disintegration of the Columbia space shuttle. On board Columbia was a staff of seven astronauts, among them the first Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon.
The “Imagine” exhibition gives special attention to the symbolic aspects which Ilan related to and also, to the main Israeli experiments he conducted at space.
The main exhibit is designed in a shape of a comet with a curved tail. Inside this special piece of furniture visitors will get a chance to see some of Ilan’s personal items, which were found after the disintegration of the shuttle, and two video screens: one shows Ilan Ramon in the space shuttle and the second screen shows the Israeli experiment conducted by him.
The Comet nucleus exhibit displays the shuttle’s orbit around planet earth. It is surprising to discover that the shuttle flies backwards and with its “belly” directed to earth. Visitors will learn the reasons behind it.
Items which survived the crash and are located in the exhibition: Major-General (Retired) Eithan Ben Eliyahu’s Wings, which he wore for 30 years, the Israeli Air Force flag and pieces of shredded Israeli music CDs.
Visitors will also find more information about the experiments Ramon conducted, quotes by Ramon and photographs of the Columbia crew.
The exhibition was developed in cooperation with Rona Ramon, Ilan’s wife.