Puzzle Games

Puzzles have always been an entertaining topic and also - a way of testing one’s reaction time, orientation skills and wisdom. As for example the queen of Sheba came from far away to try presenting King Solomon her riddles. Also, in The Book of Judges 14:12 Samson says: “Let me tell you a riddle”.
The exhibition presents mechanical puzzle games, made usually of a few parts. In order solve the puzzle visitors must move the different parts of the game. Logic, wisdom and concentration will lead to the solution. Some of the puzzles are based on different branches of mathematics such as: logics, symmetry, geometry, topology, Knot theory and more.
The exhibition displays puzzles from Dan Feldman’s private collection. The items are accompanied with their historic background. The games are displayed in different groups: combination, integration, separation, shifting and more.
The exhibition includes many different puzzles which visitors are welcome to try and solve and get to know the amusing world of puzzle games.