My Green Home

Make a world of difference

Local actions and choices at home can have an enormous impact on global energy consumption. In My Green House exhibition, visitors can learn about the advantages of using sustainable energy in all domestic aspects, and walk away with a wealth of new ideas that they can take back to implement on their own homes.


Get a green light

Turn on the light and watch how Fluorescence tube provides the same level of lighting, at about one-quarter of the energy use of an incandescent bulb.


Something in between

Insulation materials used wisely in house building can be energy efficient. Feel the heat of single-pane windows as opposed to the cooler double -glazed units and learn how to optimize natural heating and cooling in the home by using insulation bricks.


Under the sun

Watch the spectacular active display, demonstrating how to wisely convert natural sunlight into free energy for many domestic uses: solar water heating, drying laundry, lighting a house and many other functions.


The circle of life

How can you achieve minimal manufacture of water waste? An environmentally friendly structural system in the home can recycle tap water into the toilet tank. Save water, save the planet.


It's a small world

After experiencing how one small change can save a lot, sit back in our living room and watch eco commercials from around the world.