Between Mount Carmel and the Sea

Fact: One of the prominent characteristics of songbirds is their lower throat structure, which is designed to produce sounds. But contrary to expectation, not all birds in this group are considered gifted singers.
Bird collection borrowed from the Shimon Angerss Nature House, Kibbutz Ma’ayan Zvi
Thanks to Israel’s geographic location, which acts as a bridge between Asia, Europe and Africa, it is blessed with a verity of over 500 bird species. Among them, 91 live here regularly and the others pass by as part of their migration path. Some birds are very common like the Bulbul, and some visit rarely like the Northern Gannet. Carmel beach area has a variety of landscapes, animals and rich flora. In some parts of the Carmel there are also areas of wetlands like wells and a wide area of sweet water from the fish pools in Kibuts Maayan Zvi and Kibuts Maagan Michael.


In the exhibition, visitors will have a chance to see parts of the very large verity of birds in Israel, from the 6 gram warbler to the 8 kilogram vulture. In order to be familiar with the large verity of birds, they were divided to categories with common features. The category with the most general features is called a series, such as the diurnal raptors or the Procellariiformes. In Israel 21 series are represented, 19 of them are included in the exhibition. The largest series is the Passerine and is represented by a large number of birds, among them: Gruiformes, Ciconiiformes, Swifts, Coraciiformes, Anseranatidae and Charadriiformes.