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Fab Lab - Digital Fabrication Laboratory, is a place where anyone can make (almost) anything, using digital design, 3D printers, laser cutting and other advanced technological means.

In its essence, Fab-Lab is about turning ideas into a reality. All planning, design, production and fabrication processes are done in one place, to create one unique product. All you need to bring with you is an idea, and MadaTech’s Fab-Lab supplies the tools and the guidance to bring it to fruition.
In the “old world”, production was thought of as something that is done only by professionals. Factories were seen as busy, dangerous places for the inexperienced. Most of all, each product was duplicated by hundreds, if not thousands.
At the Wanger Family Fab Lab, production is a personal process. Modern tools enable individuals to turn their ideas into reality, even downloading products from the internet and personalizing them, whether as an original gift for a loved-one, or as a prosthetic for the disabled.


Who is Fab-Lab for?

Fab-Lab enables anyone at any age, to experiment in turning ideas to tangible reality.
Fab-Lab is looking for “makers” – for whom “do-it-yourself” is a motto: from curious children who take things apart only to put them back together; hobbyists who love robots, model airplanes, model building, photography and more; professionals who love to do-it-themselves; artists; innovators in spirit and in occupation and any other individuals, young and old, who would like to “make” and would like to share from their experiences.
Whether conceptual artists or “technology geeks”, school age children or university students, young or old, men or women – the Wanger Family Fab-Lab is available for anyone who has the passion to “make”.

There are many activities currently taking place at the Wanger Family Fab-Lab at MadaTech. Some of these include:
• Workshops for all levels – from beginners taking their first steps in the digital fabrication world, to professionals who are looking to acquiring new skills and tools and to swap ideas in an institutional way
• Open Lab – occurring once a week. The open workshop will enable its participants to design and produce with the guidance and assistance of the Fab-Lab’s professional staff.
• Activities for all audiences – on Saturdays, visitors to MadaTech can participate in a basic digital fabrication workshop. Today, visitors can design a personalized ring and send it to be printed!


Madatech’s Fab Lab presents a verity of activities and services:


Personal digital manufacture
Fab Lab visitors are invited to plan a product and print it using a 3D printer. Fab Lab’s instructors teach the planning and fabrication process and send the products to laser cutting  or 3D printing, right in front of them.


Family activities for Madatech visitors
Visitors who want to get to know the Wanger Family Fab-Lab are invited to activities on Saturdays and holidays, especially suitable for parents and children.


Advanced workshops for youth and adults
Wanger Family Fab-Lab offers a verity of courses for children, youth and adults. Participants learn how to make certain produces, take on digital planning and fabrication skills and also make their own products.


Community activities in Wanger Family Fab-Lab
Fab-Lab is a community laboratory. Visitors are invited to take part in collective work – participate in an open community evening, volunteer at collective projects and take part in the Community Incubator.