Rendering the CinematriX Accessible to Arabic Speakers


Given MadaTech's location in Haifa, it is geographically accessible to the many Arab communities residing in the country's north. Indeed, thousands of Israeli Arab students, pre-school to high school, annually take part in MadaTech programs in Arabic--through class visits to the Museum; interactive science and technology activities in their local schools and community centers, brought by MadaTech Mobile Science Labs; and special science education refresher courses for science teachers.

The Need

 The only MadaTech educational element that has not yet been rendered accessible to Arabic speakers is its CinematriX 4-D Theatre, which provides an amazing experience that engages all the senses. The creation of Arabic versions of the exciting science films shown at the CinematriX will allow Israel's Arab citizens, most particularly students, to benefit from its advanced scientific content, while enjoying cutting-edge technology.

Project Description

The creation of Arabic versions of the films involves translation and adaptation of each 30-minute 4-D film, using Arabic-speaking actors as the presenters; synchronization of the special effects, to fit in with the Arabic text; and reprogramming of the interactive remote controls used for the trivia quiz.

The CinematriX films educate, explore and excite by involving four dimensions: Seeing, Hearing, Feeling and Riding. Highly advanced interactive systems, such as 3-D film, a multi-channel sound system and smart seats with built-in ticklers and dual-motion capability, are complemented by special effects of scent, air flow and water. Not only do viewers watch the film phenomena and events, but they literally experience these, as Personal Remote Controls allow them to interact with occurrences on screen. 

The films are co-produced by MadaTech and Orpan, a world leader in edutainment technology, combining science expertise with technological know-how and ingenuity. They comprise: Hocus Science Pocus, illustrating the science underlying "magic"; Super Kid on the Road, lessons in road safety;  Body Wonders, a journey through the human body; The Blazing World, demonstrating earthquakes, tsunamis and other geophysical phenomena; and Building the World, a robot-led look into the technology of buildings.  

Project Outcomes

The project will advance student (and other viewer) knowledge and understanding of key scientific areas and issues, in an entertaining, easy to absorb way--introducing new concepts, debunking myths and correcting misconceptions in diverse scientific fields. It will serve as a highly attractive springboard for discussions and stimulate the creation of additional MadaTech educational materials on the scientific areas and issues presented in the films.

Film Promotion & Marketing

MadaTech will promote the Arabic versions of the films through special screenings for educators and opinion molders from the Israeli Arab community--including Arabic-language electronic and printed media reps--accompanied by press kits and other relevant materials; promotional materials sent to Arab schools countrywide; and postings on Internet Websites.

Formative Evaluation 

MadaTech will conduct formative evaluation of the project through:

  • Questionnaires that gauge participant satisfaction with the film and accompanying educational activities; assess student attitudinal change toward science generally and the specific scientific subject presented by the film, in particular; and evaluate student knowledge gained through the film;
  • Observations of student reactions, in real-time, as they watch the film, respond to its trivia quiz and take part in accompanying scientific activities;
  • Interviews with both students and teachers.


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