Learning Frameworks

Learning takes place within diverse Institute frameworks, including:

  1. Demonstrations/Laboratory Experiments for Classes - Over 2,000 elementary and high school classes participate in three to five-hour morning visits to the Institute, where they enjoy demonstrations, conduct hands-on experiments, or construct models and products. Teachers can select from over 100 different lesson plans, in geology, chemistry, biology, physics, astrophysics, mathematics and computers, and more.
  2. Afternoon Workshops - A few hundred elementary & junior high school students (grades 2 to 9) attend yearlong weekly workshops. Under expert guidance, they hone computer skills; construct robots; gain insight into the human genome; explore mathematical themes, crack codes and learn about securing information; bone up on ecological and environmental issues; engage in astronomy and space exploration; experience electron microscopy, and more.
  3. Assistance on School Projects -To both elementary and high school students (5th to 12th grade) and their teachers.
  4. Holiday Activities & Workshops -A range of creative activities for the broad public, germane to given Jewish holidays and their motifs, including  workshops, focusing on topics such as: forensics (the human genome), energy and recycling (the environment), transportation, and environmental-friendly planning.
  5. Outreach Programs for children & youth comprise:
    • The Annual OlympiYeda Science Competition
    • Mobile Science Laboratories
    • Refresher Courses for Science Teachers - Training where teachers experience a different type of classroom dynamics, for which they receive Ministry of Education recognition. The training focuses on an interactive application of scientific principles in the classroom; science model building; technology-made-exciting and Internet use for course curriculum preparation.
    • Internet E-Teaching - MadaTech's Website enables students, teachers and supervisors to plan and study program content segments, prior to their MadaTech visit, and to follow up on their visit, through ongoing exchanges. 
    • Science in the Service of Peace & Co-Existence - Situated in Haifa, a city known for its promotion of Jewish-Arab relations, the Institute contributes to peaceful co-existence, through equal access to its varied programs and exhibits, to Arabic speakers; joint involvement of Israeli Jewish and Arab youngsters in diverse frameworks; and special science activities, such as seminars for Israeli and Jordanian youngsters.