An Out of the World Experience

In 2004, the Museum launched an extraordinary, innovative SMART Theater.  The first of its kind, the CinematriX is a multi-sense movie experience.

Developed by Orpan, a world leader in edutainment technology, the Theatre provides an amazing experience for young and old alike. Using the 3E4DMi formula, it Educates, Explores and Excites, engaging four dimensions: Seeing, Hearing, Feeling and Riding. The CinematriX comprises Interactive Systems boasting the latest technologies: 3-D film, multi-channel sound system and smart seats, with built-in ticklers and dual-motion capability, complemented by scent, air flow, water spray and other effects.

Viewers not only watch phenomena and events on screen; they literally experience these, as Personal Remote Controls allow them to interact with what is occurring on screen, as well as with each other, making spectators an integral part of the film. 

Among the 3-D films screened at the CinematriX: Journey into the Universe, on the solar system; Hocus Science Pocus, on the science underlying "magic"; Go Safely - Academy for Pedestrians, on Road Safety; The Mystery of our Body; and Addicted To Life,  on the danger of drugs.

All films are co-produced by MadaTech and Orpan, combining science expertise with technological know-how and ingenuity.