A Peep Into Sleep

 The age-old mystery of sleep has baffled many generations of scientists and prophets, philosophers and physicians. What happens to our minds and bodies when we sleep? What is the meaning and purpose of dreams? Is sleep, which takes up about a third of our lives, really a waste of precious time? These stimulating questions and many others are what this exhibition seeks to address through the exciting new Exhibition on Sleep at MadaTech, The National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space.

The new exhibition will acquaint visitors with the modern, science-based understanding of sleep as an active and dynamic process essential to our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Passing through five interactive stations, visitors will learn about: The nature of sleep and the five stages  of the sleep cycle; the crucial functions of dream; how sleep supports our physical growth, consolidates our memories, strengthens our immune system and boosts out energy, attention, and mood; how our individual circadian rhythm tells us when and how much we sleep we need; and how to optimize the quality and benefits of sleep through good preparation and sleep hygiene.  

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