Blue and White in Space

Israeli scientists began investigating the secrets of outer space as early as the 1950s. Thirty years later, with the launch of the Ofek 1 satellite, Israel joined the exclusive club of space explorer. Today, thanks to its ever evolving innovations, Israel is positioned among the world's top ten countries in space exploration.

The Blue and White in Space exhibition will expose its visitors to the thrilling story of space technology and exploration, emphasizing the important part played by the modern Israeli innovation. Utilizing a wealth of interactive exhibits, life-size models, advanced simulators and exciting hands-on activities, the exhibition will aim to attract, educate and enthrall all who come to visit.

The Blue and White in Space exhibition will consist of five distinct areas:

Area 1: Will focus on the thrills of building, launching, and controlling satellites

Area 2: Will feature a glimpse into a satellite 'control room'. Guest will be able to take turns demonstrating satellite applications.

Area 3: Will feature the history of aviation, from the legend of Icarus to present day space shuttles, with special emphasis on Israel's contributions.

Area 4: Will look to the future of space technology and exploration.

Area 5: Will feature MadaTech's Astronomy Hall.

As MadaTech, Israel's National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space, seeks to introduce the public to the fascinating world of space exploration, we have partnered with Israel's Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space and its Israel Space Agency (ISA), as well as the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), to develop this exciting interactive exhibition. 

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