The Maker Space

Scientific and technological education is a prerequisite for development in fields vital to the state of Israel and its future. Moreover, technological literacy, as well as basic inquiry skills, are essential for every young person in the 231st century. To spark the interest and enthusiasm of Israel youth towards science and technology, MadaTech, The National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space, plans to establish the novel, state- of- the- art Maker Space for Children.

We envision a dynamic, collaborative, and interactive learning environment that will:

  • Allows students to explore, experiment, take risks, and implent their ideas by turning them into tangible creations.
  • Allow students to gain experience in solving problems that have more than one correct answer.
  • Develop students' creativity and skills through workshops that combine the pricipals of a STEAM curriculum, Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, Mathematics.

The Maker Space for Children will be comprised of two cutting- edge laboratories, a demonstration hall and ancillary preparation rooms. It will be outfitted with up-to- the minute computerized systems, machinery and instrumentation.

All original education programs, from introductory one-day workshops to multi-sessioned courses and teacher training, will be developed by the Musuem's leading professional in collaboration with the Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology, whose experts are members of the Education Center's steering committee, and the Ministry of Education.

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