Netrix Center Expansion

  The Netrix Exhibition is conceptually positioned at the interface of digital technology, art, and the internet. It will offer visitiors a wealth of advanced virtual reality tools, alongside other cutting-edge digital technologies to facilitate creativity and thinking. Learning about thes exciting systems, experimenting with them, and exploring their creative capacities, visitors will be exposed to the future of artistry and inventiveness.

Virtual reality is becoming a major instrument of inspiration, sparking the human imagination and is expected to grow enormously in both scope and influence. MadaTech, The National Museum of Science, Tecnology and Space, a leader in hands on scientific and technological education in Israel, wishes to bring the creative inspiration of this novel experience along with other stimulating opportunities emerging from the collaborative age of digital art and the internet, to the next generation of Israeli innovators.

The Lichtman Center for the Internet is a part of the Museum's Innovation Center, alongside the highly successful Wanger Family Fab Lab, our state-of-the-art digital design and fabrication studio. The Innovation Center is located at the entrance to the Museum's Institute of Science and Technology, and visited annually by tens of thousand of Israeli students.

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