With the engagement of Friends of MadaTech, the museum provides unparalleled resources that instill curiosity about science in thousands of on-site visitors annually.

Each year, MadaTech provides educational resources to:







Workshops and classes produced by MadaTech provide students with access to seven educational centers, six demonstration halls, 12 state-of-the-art advanced labs, and more.

MadaTech’s Mobile Science Labs are “science labs on wheels” and travel to schools and community centers throughout the country. Staffed by MadaTech’s trained professionals, the Mobile Science Labs bring year-round learning to students in under served communities.

In addition to its school sessions, MadaTech also offers week-long science immersion programs for middle and high school students, science camps, and community centers to reach the largest possible number of children.

Our Initiatives

Science HappeningsA family program sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Space created to encourage discussion and participation of challenging topics among a diverse and multicultural group.

Mobile LabsMadaTech's mobile labs are deployed as "science lab on wheels". Staffed by MadaTech trained professionals, they are able to travel to unconventional learning environments and come equipped with a range of science instruments, demonstration models, portable planetariums, and laptop computers. Mobile Lab programs cover a large variety of lessons in chemistry, physics, aerodynamics, biology, mathematics, and technology.

Healthy LivingPartnering with the City of Haifa and the Maccabi Health Fund, MadaTech launched a series of educational programs and labs aimed to educate students on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Programs for the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse were featured in nearly 2,000 elementary, middle, and high schools. MadaTech also featured a program designed for student with diabetes to help understand and manage the illness.

Empowering Female StudentsA project supported by the City of Haifa, the Technion, the Ministry of Education, IBM and private donors designed to encourage female middle school students to pursue careers in science and technology.

Meaningful ExperiencesA national program supported by Israel's Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, Technology & Space and local authorities. This initiative is linked with the Ministry of Education's official school curricula, to enhance students' knowledge of basic scientific principles and processes. Over 13,500 students from approximately 180 schools nationwide take part in the Meaningful Experiences program.

The Wanger Fab LabMadaTech's Fab Lab was made possible by the generosity of the Wanger Family in 2014. As the largest fabrication lab in the world, its cuttingedge digital design and fabrication laboratory allows students and visitors to create, design, and produce using computers, 3D printers, and advanced industrial equipment.

The OlympiYedaBringing together top students from all over Israel, the OlympiYeda is a yearly summit to identify and recognize students from all sectors of Israeli society and bring them together for advanced science workshops.

School VisitsTaught in Hebrew, English, and Arabic, MadaTech's education programs offer a chance for students of all ages to come to the museum for science demonstrations, lab activities, and hands-on experimentation. The curriculum is developed by MadaTech's education team, a skilled group of educators supported by The Technion and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

International CollaborationsWith the support of the Gelfand Family, MadaTech has designed and established two science centers in Northern Ethiopia. Working with their respective local universities, the center in Mekele explores astronomy and the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci and the center in Aksum explores the effects of nature. MadaTech has also partnered with the city of Moscow and citizens of the Ukraine to develop a residential science park and an exhibit on Russia's achievements in Space Exploration.